Know more. Raise more.

Itasca Partners LLC helps nonprofits raise more money.

When nonprofits want to raise more money, they can either work harder or work smarter. 

Those that work smarter will always out-raise those who just try to work harder. Working smarter requires focusing on your best prospects, knowing your donors, managing your efforts, and planning your campaigns carefully. 

Itasca Partners LLC helps organizations with all of this, so they can reach new heights with their fundraising efforts.

Focusing on Your Best Prospects

"Who should we be paying more attention to?"

"How do we prioritize these prospects?" 

If you're asking these questions you could benefit from a wealth screening, post-screening analysis, predictive modeling, or more tried-and-true donor prioritization analysis.

Knowing Your Donors

"What can we learn about our prospects to help unlock their full philanthropic potential?"

"How much might this prospect be able to give to my organization?"

The best way to develop actionable insights into a donor's background and philanthropic potential is to invest in quality prospect research.

Managing your Efforts

"Our fundraising team needs a system to help them achieve the best results possible."

"What metrics and data should we focus on to keep our team on track?"

A prospect management program -- with the appropriate metrics, systems, and reporting -- is critical to managing your efforts. Such a program does not have to be complicated to be effective, but it does have to be well-designed.

Planning Your Campaigns

"Do we have enough 'philanthropic horsepower' in our donor base to successfully complete a campaign?"

"How do we go about embarking on a major campaign?"

"I've got a campaign / development committee, but I need to ensure I'm making the best use of their time and talents."

Campaigns drive significant fundraising growth, in the short and long term. Taking a data-informed and well-conceived approach to planning for them greatly increases the odds for success.

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